Thursday, 20 August 2015

Tide and ebb

(Photo courtesy: A photo enthusiast attendant at the resort) 

Time and tide waits for none, but with the Lord on your side you can get things done (Quite innovative and that rhymes too!) 

After a tiring perfect big-fat-Indian-wedding I was treated by an even more perfect surprise by my oven-fresh husband; an exotic honeymoon in the Maldives. A wish turned true! (I had not left a single chance, as and when it came, to give hints about where I would love to go on a honeymoon and still expecting it to be a surprise) 

Ken would never reply to my question on repeat mode, “Where are we going for our honeymoon?” Making me anticipate it all the more. 

Voila! finally arived! 

As we stood hand-in-hand basking in the glory of being merged in to a beautiful bond called marriage we looked at the wide, vast ocean in front of us. The colours, aroma and freshness unbelievably inviting. 

Our backs turned against the old relationships, unfulfilled dreams, loneliness, incompleteness and to the world in general and we were facing what lied ahead; the challenges, adventures, risks, expectations a completely new path in particular awaiting us. 

As fairytailish as everything said above may sound, certain realities are the quintessential part of a married life.  

Making decisions together (Secretly hoping them to turn into your favour)

Listening first before jumping to conclusions (The toughest one for me)

Making sacrifices even when they pinch us (And brag about them later) 

Keeping calm (when you can actually kill the other one if you had a licence to) 

Doing things happily that once sat last on the list of things you will never do (cooking, house chores… pick yours) 

Loving even when it doesn’t make sense at times (Because Love can conquer all) 

And the list goes on lengthening as the journey proceeds further and farther.

The honeymoon-period was just the phase of floating on the surface after our first courageous dive into an ocean full of tides and ebbs. We were yet to swim deeper; to explore the unexplored.

Now, as we go along on this sea adventure called marriage each day, each month, each year… we find ourselves on a boat (our humble habitat that keeps changing each year) with two oars (one for me and one for him) right in the middle of the ocean. 

During the still waters and the calm sea we feel loved, encouraged, uplifted and supported by each other. 

And when we bump into some sharks (detractors) or the dolphins (well-wishers) we have learned to handle them both and the key is to be true to each other. 

But while the fiery storms and scary waves make us undergo the feeling of getting drowned we still find each other holding eachother's hand, looking into eyes and confess, “We’ll get through this too with the help of the Lord!”

Our daily Bible dose and let-us-first-pray-about-it proposals have made our belief in growing through the tough times and being thankful through the good times stronger and stronger. 

More than the sound of many waters, then the mighty breakers of the sea the Lord on high is mighty
Psalm 93:4


  1. God bless you!
    (Catholic blogwalking)

  2. God continue to bless you both. ��

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  4. Your words give such a great picture of marriage. So glad you are enjoying and working through the ebbs and flows!

  5. Thanks a ton my dear friend!!!

    Lots of love xoxo