Monday, 14 September 2015

Lock and Key

Photo Credits: Ken Christian (Mr Husband) 

A few years back I came across a saying. Probably sent as a forward SMS (I hate forwards! They’re rarely interesting unlike this one) which goes, “Whenever I find a key to life’s problems some idiot changes the Lock!” 

Funny yet frustrating! Isn’t it? 

We all have gone through/come across/may bump into this phase, if not often, at least once in life. 

So you have just breathed a sigh of relief after almost figuring out the solution to your problems and suddenly, out-of-the-blue, the tables are turned and you find yourself back to square one. And your immediate reaction often results in blame-game. Am I right or am I right? 

Don’t believe me? Fill in the gap below: 

Whenever I find a key to my problems __________ changes the lock! 

Now, fill the blank with the person or thing you hold responsible for the changed lock that made your situation worse than it already was! 

Unarguably possible answers: 
  • God – the easiest target to blame. Where is God when it hurts? You may ask. Well, He is exactly there where you left him.  
  • Satan - the devil is messing up with my plans all the time. Ultimate truth; our God is a roaring lion victorious over satan who pretends to be a lion without teeth and nails.  
  • Luck – poor thing is always on the receiving end in the blame-game where you can endlessly blame and swear without getting a reaction in return.
  • Family – How unsupportive they’re! You accuse. We conveniently tend to ignore all the other times they have been there for us.
  • Friends – With friends like these who need an enemy! Haven’t we uttered this dramatic line after that bitter feeling of being backstabbed? Besides being carrying, loving and affectionate they’re competitive, jealous and sadist too! (That’s what we convince ourselves to believe)
  • Ourselves – There must be something wrong with me! Am I a jinx? Why me? में ने  किसी  का क्या बिगाड़ा है ? (What wrong have I done to anyone?)
Note: The order may vary individually. 

My personal favourite was always blaming others; the self-centred, I, never took the blame. (Honest confession)

I clang to this attitude for many years finding it a convenient explanation for my troubles. But with the passage of time I learnt that blaming others and myself for my problems just lead to pessimism, depression, bitterness which results into lethargy. 

We simply sit upon our problem weeping and wailing.  

Three easy steps can help us through: (Free!! Free!! Free!!) 

  1. Accept: It-is-what-it-is! The better you accept its inevitability the sooner you can start working on it.
  2. Take charge: If-you-won’t-believe-in-yourself-no-one-will! Detect the mistakes made and try not to repeat them when you attempt the second time. 
  3. Back-up plan: When plan ‘A’ fails plan ‘B’ can come handy. Don’t rely on just one source to your success. Explore other options and keep them ready. 

Above everything never refuse to hope (God has put that instinct in us for a purpose), never lose your faith (It keeps God on the speed dial mode in your contact list of trouble-shooters) and never forget to love (This is the only feeling that brings peace of mind) 

It’s a process! So next time, instead of going through the difficulties, try to grow through them. 

After a couple of blaming sessions, caught-unaware-situations, relying-on-God’s-will-than-mine I finally found the way to take control of my keys and its locks! 

“When he opens no one will shut and when he shuts no one will open.” Isaiah 22:22

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  1. Perfect. Sometimes the only option one has is to be brave and positive. I agree, its easiest to blame others, circumstances, God etc. I have a simple theory, if things go wrong, its my mistake, if things work out well its God's grace.

  2. Also Sonu, I loved your little intro. The best is 'parents-by love'. Truly innovative and Christlike.