Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Journey – Destination

Destinations decide journeys.
Journeys oblige the travellers.
The travellers map diverse roads.
But it’s the strive to accomplish dreams,
that keeps them on board.

Three universal kinds of travellers,
have I known.
Each in their own sense; revellers,
life to me has shown.

There are those that embark on a journey, to reach the goal.
There are those for whom goal comes into existence, as they roll.

Then there are those that do more than they declare.
They do it with persistence, they do it with flair.

Much more than the destination,
they relish the process.
Exploring with a passion,
is the key to their success.

The dreary road less travelled by, they often choose.
Their victory is learning a new lesson, even when they lose.

They rise, they fall.
They run, they halt.
They go.
They grow.

They perspire but still aspire.
They acquire to inspire.

For after attaining fulfilment,
it may so happen;
the zeal, the excitement,
can soon start to dampen.

T’is the road that determines the paid cost;
undeniably, unshakable dedication.
Redefine, then, what matters to you the most;
the journey or the destination? 

by Sonu Gohil

Reference: http://www.creativewritingink.co.uk/resour…/writing-prompts/
(This poem is sent as an entry for a prompt-writing competition organised by Creative Writing Ink UK)

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