Saturday, 14 November 2015

Talents part-1 Believe in the talents you possess. They have a purpose.

Talents Part – I 

Believe in the talents you possess. They have a purpose

When this topic was suggested to me I thought to myself, “A lot has already been written and spoken about ‘Talents’ so how do I make it sound different/interesting/helpful?” 

So instead of researching in the outer space I decided to look within; how I discovered my first real talent. 

Being a kid my favourite pass-time included playing teacher-student. I loved sitting down younger kids, scribbling with a chalk on the an old building wall and pretending to be a teacher. (I detested studies though!) 

When I opted for Arts stream I remember being told, “If you are going for this stream (a-looked-down-upon-one) you must excel in it or else it’s of no use.” The advice fell on deaf ears. (Because excelling involved studying!) 

My graph as a successful student went from low to high. Much later, while pursuing Masters in literature I saw the possibility of turning my passion into profession. 

While pursuing a course in creative writing, I discovered I-can-write (Not so exceedingly well, but getting there) and ended up writing blogs!  

God had it all planned even before I could see or imagine it. 

[In all humility, just testifying the miracle of God in my life] 

“Just as a body, though one has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.” The Bible

Identical to a jigsaw puzzle; it cannot be completed if any of the part is missing. Looking at the completed picture as a whole will help us understand that each part though different in shape, size or colour is equally important.

For a change, let’s imagine our body parts sharing a conversation wherein they are jealous of each other. 

Helpful hands: You know? I do it all; picking, throwing, washing, writing, clapping… oh what not!! But how I wish I could simply sit on the face like eyes and just look around.

Expressive eyes: You think that’s easy? We don’t just look around; we scrutinize everything we see, we observe, we provide a vision to the body. Phew! It’s a lot of work. Wish we were you; just do what is commanded and not have to be alert all the time. 

Mischievous mouth: Woah… woah woah!!! Some sympathy over here please. Wish I was a nose; smell and go back to sleep. But instead, I’ve to speak, eat, yawn and these days pout for the selfies as well. Too much on my plate! 

Nose: Oh, hello! Don’t forget I am the one who keeps breathing round the clock. While every one of you gets rest, I don’t. Period! 

Reality check: One-size-does-not-fit-all. God does not give us what we are not capable of managing.
It’s easy to feel less important than others whose talents are perhaps different and more visible than ours. But if God gets into it, it is going to work to the shock and amazement of everybody. 

Therefore, our duty is to utilize our talents and faithfully play our part to complete the puzzle. 

God has not bestowed us with a talent for our enjoyment alone. It causes us to work; work hard to enhance it. And what a pity it would be if we keep it to ourselves and not use if for benefit of each other. 

Talents: Part II coming next week. Stay tuned!!!

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